Canterbury Food Village

Production kitchens for rent in Canterbury, Kent

Our Food Villages are fully equipped and are perfect for pre-cooked or pre-packed food businesses or restaurant businesses that wish to centralize some of their food production.

Our spaces provide the perfect central location for food production, food packaging, food storage and food distribution and production kitchens. Bakery kitchens and food catering production kitchens are also available.

We know that launching any new business venture can be challenging, which is why we’ve made the process of setting up your delivery only dark kitchen easy, quick and simple. With our no-fuss process, you’re able to make the transition from operating a restaurant-focused food business to operating a business with efficient food delivery at its core.

At Canterbury Food Village, we’re carving out our own path with an exciting new approach to dark kitchens – our innovative Food Villages. We’ve combined our expertise in providing top quality commercial kitchens with a creative, exciting way for restaurant owners to branch out into food delivery services.

By setting up your dark kitchen in one of our Food Villages, you’ll benefit from being able to access high quality units and equipment, a simple running process and a sense of community with your restaurant neighbours.

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Our FOOD VILLAGES are uniquely designed to ensure that everything you need to smoothly operate your kitchen is available within one contained space.

This includes:

๐Ÿž‚ 6 individual kitchen spaces
๐Ÿž‚ 4 walk-in chillers/freezers
๐Ÿž‚ 4 dry store units
๐Ÿž‚ food collection points
๐Ÿž‚ rooftop break space
๐Ÿž‚ secure premises

We know that having the right size of kitchen to operate out of is just as important as having the right equipment, so we provide two excellent kitchen size options for you to choose from.

3m (10ft) x 6m (20ft)

Our 3m x 6m kitchens provide chefs with all the space they need to prepare delicious food.

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6m (20ft) x 6m (20ft)

Our 6m x 6m kitchens provide a considerably large amount of space.

Take a 360ยฐ tour

Navigate angles by dragging the mouse. For touchpad devices, pinch the touchpad to zoom in and out.

Each of our units is equipped with a collection window to allow you to easily dispatch orders. We give you the flexibility to select your kitchen equipment according to your individual business needs – making sure that you have everything you need to keep your service efficient and your customers happy.

6m (20ft) x 6m (20ft)

3m (10ft) x 6m (20ft)

To allow you to maximise cooking and preparation space in your commercial kitchen, our Food Villages are designed with an additional area of chiller/freezer and dry storage units, keeping your catering operation organised. This area includes three separate units that each contain three 2m (6ft) x 2.4m (8ft) rooms which can be customised to suit your storage requirements.

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